Sunday, April 29, 2012

a seven day snapshot #3

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I've got a super hectic week ahead (work, a trip to Liverpool, more work) plus I'm going to LA in a few days (eeeek!). I cannot wait! 
I'd better start packing and preparing and making sure I have a bag big enough for all my smellies and shoes ... but before I do that, here's my last week in pictures. 

Lots of warm love M xxx

♥ my beauty shoot ♥ makeup girls in action ♥ the effect 

♥ Ted Baker ♥ Nike 

♥ chess game in a pub ♥ sweet treat ♥ still raining in London 

♥ morning coffee ♥ Yes - I'm a monkey ♥ this was NOT my breakfast 

♥ in-laws finally here ♥ 1st burger of the weekend ♥ hubby is packing 

♥ Hubby is in the air ♥ Lenin isn't missing his daddy (sorry babe!) ♥ trying to entertain myself 

♥ I prefer the original ♥ more amazing biscuits by Kate ♥ I want one in my dining room! 

♥ 2nd burger of the weekend ♥ good times with NOW ♥ Gypsy Moth in Greenwich 

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  1. Love your week in photos! :)


  2. Hi Terri,

    Thanks lovely- such a nice way of keeping the visual diary. x

  3. cute Instagram piccies! those burgers look delish and are making me sooo hungry....

    1. thank you lovely. I know - I had 2 burgers that weekend. oh dear :-(( x