Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year in Krakow

Well, Happy New Year everyone!

I know its already middle of January, and I've been beyond then crap for not posting, and the fact that I'm super busy at work it's not even an excuse anymore :-(.

Anyways, tons of happened so here it goes. I spent my Christmas and New Year in Poland with my family and visiting old friends. 

We had the most beautiful time and if you ever go to Poland, make sure Krakow its your first choice.

It is one of my favourite places in Poland, I'm calling it Easter European Florence, with all the bohemian underground jazz bars, amazing restaurants and the most beautiful old town. Obviously Krakow has very important historic meanting, but it also has the coolest night life.

Below, small collage of Katowice / Krakow ... 

 Big kiss! xx

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BYO bling hat!

Look at this beauty, which just landed on my Fabulous desk. If it looks familiar then, yes, you have seen it before - on XFactor, TOWIE and the heads of some ultra cool celebs. A customized hat is the ‘must have’ accessory this winter.
These days, it’s all about personalizing individual items for a totally original and unique look. The more studs, embellishments, lapel pins, sparkly gem stones and funky detailing, the better. When it comes to customizing, you can’t have too much of a good thing – as this cap clearly demonstrates. And if standing out from the crowd is your goal, all it takes is one perfectly pimped outfit and it’s mission accomplished!
I’ll def be rocking the Kings & Queens snapback cap instead of my usual bobble hat this season. It’s a bargain £20 from

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fabulous Magazine in Katowice!


Yes, yes, I'm still alive... And it's been one hell of a month (or two)!

Straight after the Paralympics Opening Ceremony (literally) and just 2 hours sleep I went to my first day at work at Fabulous Magazine, where I'll be staying for a few months. It has been absolutely...well, Fabulous , mega busy, after few weeks we were off to Las Vegas (for my first fashion trip) with my fashion director and the rest of the team to shoot all our up-and-coming fashion stories.
It was AMAZING!... Post coming up soon :-)

But - there's one thing I wanted to share...

Before I started at Fabulous, the fashion director mentioned to me that she wanted to go to Poland to shoot some big fashion stories. I got really excited - high fashion meets my home country! - and one night I sat down to write a ten page document promoting Polish cities and the fact she absolutely, definitely, even-if-it-was-the-last-thing-she-did had to go. Take a peek behind the iron curtain!

One of her ideas was a punk story and she was looking for some kind of cool concert hall with personality to stage the shoot. So I suggested 'Spodek' - a local landmark in my neighbourhood, a concert venue from the 1950s that looks a bit like a flying saucer
that's just landed from outer space. I didn't think they would pick it in a million years, as it was a bit of a drive from their unit base, plus I don't remember anyone ever shooting there.

But a few weeks later and... voila! An amazing punk story is born! Shot in my home city of... drum roll, please... KATOWICE. You can almost see my grandma standing at one of the windows in the buildings behind!

So come pay her a visit... Fashion, Silesian Style... In Fabulous Magazine, out now!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Paralympics Opening Ceremony

What a week it's been!!!

I performed at the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympics on Wednesday and I'm still buzzing.
It was one of the most amazing, emotional, human experiences I've had, and I feel so lucky and honoured to be a part of such an amazing event's history. 

The whole process started back in February when I applied to become a Ceremonies Volunteer Performer. After several auditions, the hard work began, with about 160 hours of rehearsals in three different venues. Volunteers were divided into several groups, each with their own name.
Mine was 'LOUD' (very appropriate for those who know me!).

At the first rehearsal it was revealed that LOUD would be taking part in the big finale of the whole entertainment section and would have to learn quite a lot of choreography... so far, so straightforward. But then I heard the accompanying song for the first time and I have to admit I was a little confused.

I didn't know anything about Ian Dury's 'Spasticus Autisticus', a song written 30 years ago but banned by most TV and radio stations because it was so taboo. Even now, the lyrics are pretty in-your-face. 
And my first thought was when I heard it was: are we really gonna be screaming Spasticus in front of all these Paralympians? 
But then you realise what an incredible anthem it is. And how brilliant and funny the words are. 
I came to love the fact it was so ahead of its time and full of attitude... not to mention the clever spin the organisers and world class techno DJs Orbital put on the Paralympics remix. 

For the most part we rehearsed in isolation, so we never really knew what the other groups were working on, what the costumes were going to be and what other music they were gonna use for the rest of the ceremony. 
Till the very last rehearsal, we never got a chance to watch it all the way through - and only then it was mostly on TVs as we were waiting backstage for our cues. 

On the night of actual show we watched the start of the ceremony backstage too - albeit this time with a stadium packed with 80,000 people. And it felt so strange - knowing that we were actually going to be there, right in the middle of it all, in just a few hours.

I loved the whole concept of 'Enlightenment', Stephen Hawkin's narration, Newton, all the apples they gave to the audience, the sense of wonder at atomic creation, from the Big Bang to the Hadron Collider, and how each individual collision makes us different but the same...

And the idea that, with curiosity, people's ideas and conclusions change... and maybe after this Paralympics people's perceptions about disability will change too.

Then the smaller touches: Stephen Hawkins wearing the same 'rave' glasses as Orbital while 'Spasticus Autisticus' was blaring out of the speakers was simply genius!
And I loved how the non-able bodied performers led the show from start to finish with some incredible displays... from the first flypast to the incredible aerials and wire-work, from the magical Birdy song to the bending circus poles... and of course the athletes themselves.
It all came together beautifully to create some truly stunning images.
We  met lots of the teams backstage and they were all overwhelmed by the audience's reaction and how big the event is here in Britain.

The show didn't try to compete with the Olympics. It was a celebration of what it is to be a human, of reaching your limits and then going beyond them... and that's exactly what I felt we achieved before, during, and hopefully, most importantly, after.

We all had the most magical time and I simply don't know what could possibly top it.

Thank you to all the people I met along the way who made it such a beautiful experience. I will cherish the memories forever!

And remember: "Always look up to the stars ... never down at your feet!"

M xxx

watch our bold performance of the amazing Ian Dury and Chaz Jankel song 'Spasticus Autisticus'.
It starts with the words: Hello to you out there in Normal Land.

Performed by amazingly cool Orbital and the Graeae Theatre Company and featured a sample of Prof Stephen Hawking's voice.

Friday, August 24, 2012

a seven day snapshot #7

Hello all lovely people,

Yes I wasn't updating my blog recently, and yes I can come up with loads of excuses now. But there are simply not enough hours in the day!

 Anyways here's my last few weeks in pics;
another trip to Poland, hubby's new comedy sitcom 'Cuckoo' staring Andy Samberg and Greg Davies (starts 24th Sep 10pm, BBC3 ) and of course: LOADS  and LOADS of Olympics action - how much we all loved it, eh?

And if you're missing the whole Olympic experience -  Paralympics start next week with an amazing and emotional Opening Ceremony on the 29th of August!

And yes I'm in it!  Make sure you'll watch it.


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little preview; rehearsals at the stadium! I cannot wait!

♥ Saturday's night treat ♥ favourite cocktail ♥ favourite meal 

♥ London is ready ♥ first rehearsal has begun ♥ Greenwich is ready 

♥ technical rehearsal for Opening Ceremony ♥ #savethesuprise ♥ cannot believe I've seen it live 

♥ Opening Ceremony in Blackheath ♥  LOADS of Olympics in Greenwich ♥ inspired by Bolt and Jess 

♥ hubby's BBC3 Cuckoo shoot ♥  Cuckoo wrap party no1 Cuckoo's main star - Andy Samberg 

♥ I'm def trying! ♥ hello, beautiful friend ♥ yes - to the last sunny days in London 

♥ still not sure about the 'One-Eye' situation ♥ LOADS of porn-martinis at Cuckoo wrap party no2 oh dear! 

♥ closing ceremony BBQ ♥ Cannot wait for our turn ♥ another trip to Poland 

♥ Park Chorzowski ♥ my beautiful parents ♥ and well, me :-) 

♥ Sunday bike ride ♥ amazing view ♥ rehearsals at Dagenham 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Japanese Vogue

I simply adore Japanese Vogue.
Here, I LOVE my Polish Queen Anja all in Dior Couture (May 2012).
Below, some of the other amazing stories you can find on the Vogue website.