Friday, August 24, 2012

a seven day snapshot #7

Hello all lovely people,

Yes I wasn't updating my blog recently, and yes I can come up with loads of excuses now. But there are simply not enough hours in the day!

 Anyways here's my last few weeks in pics;
another trip to Poland, hubby's new comedy sitcom 'Cuckoo' staring Andy Samberg and Greg Davies (starts 24th Sep 10pm, BBC3 ) and of course: LOADS  and LOADS of Olympics action - how much we all loved it, eh?

And if you're missing the whole Olympic experience -  Paralympics start next week with an amazing and emotional Opening Ceremony on the 29th of August!

And yes I'm in it!  Make sure you'll watch it.


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little preview; rehearsals at the stadium! I cannot wait!

♥ Saturday's night treat ♥ favourite cocktail ♥ favourite meal 

♥ London is ready ♥ first rehearsal has begun ♥ Greenwich is ready 

♥ technical rehearsal for Opening Ceremony ♥ #savethesuprise ♥ cannot believe I've seen it live 

♥ Opening Ceremony in Blackheath ♥  LOADS of Olympics in Greenwich ♥ inspired by Bolt and Jess 

♥ hubby's BBC3 Cuckoo shoot ♥  Cuckoo wrap party no1 Cuckoo's main star - Andy Samberg 

♥ I'm def trying! ♥ hello, beautiful friend ♥ yes - to the last sunny days in London 

♥ still not sure about the 'One-Eye' situation ♥ LOADS of porn-martinis at Cuckoo wrap party no2 oh dear! 

♥ closing ceremony BBQ ♥ Cannot wait for our turn ♥ another trip to Poland 

♥ Park Chorzowski ♥ my beautiful parents ♥ and well, me :-) 

♥ Sunday bike ride ♥ amazing view ♥ rehearsals at Dagenham 


  1. I was in London too for the Olympics!!!!!
    Great pics dear =)
    Wanna follow each other? I'm following this cute blog right now, and I hope you will follow me back, it would be great to keep in touch!
    Last time by Ylenia Labate

    1. Thank you! It was amazing! I performed for the Paralympics Opening Ceremony and I'm just about to write a little post about it- the best experience ever! Yes to follow x

  2. amazing blog! keep posting! would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?

  3. Thank you! yes to follow def xx

  4. beautiful pics!!
    how abt followin each othr?
    I follow u on gfc now. hope u visit me n follow back on gfc n my facebook page