Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fabulous Magazine in Katowice!


Yes, yes, I'm still alive... And it's been one hell of a month (or two)!

Straight after the Paralympics Opening Ceremony (literally) and just 2 hours sleep I went to my first day at work at Fabulous Magazine, where I'll be staying for a few months. It has been absolutely...well, Fabulous , mega busy, after few weeks we were off to Las Vegas (for my first fashion trip) with my fashion director and the rest of the team to shoot all our up-and-coming fashion stories.
It was AMAZING!... Post coming up soon :-)

But - there's one thing I wanted to share...

Before I started at Fabulous, the fashion director mentioned to me that she wanted to go to Poland to shoot some big fashion stories. I got really excited - high fashion meets my home country! - and one night I sat down to write a ten page document promoting Polish cities and the fact she absolutely, definitely, even-if-it-was-the-last-thing-she-did had to go. Take a peek behind the iron curtain!

One of her ideas was a punk story and she was looking for some kind of cool concert hall with personality to stage the shoot. So I suggested 'Spodek' - a local landmark in my neighbourhood, a concert venue from the 1950s that looks a bit like a flying saucer
that's just landed from outer space. I didn't think they would pick it in a million years, as it was a bit of a drive from their unit base, plus I don't remember anyone ever shooting there.

But a few weeks later and... voila! An amazing punk story is born! Shot in my home city of... drum roll, please... KATOWICE. You can almost see my grandma standing at one of the windows in the buildings behind!

So come pay her a visit... Fashion, Silesian Style... In Fabulous Magazine, out now!