Friday, April 20, 2012

my fashion cupboard

It’s Friday, and I feel inspired. As you know, I’ve just moved house and I thought I’d share my new spare room with you - aka my very own fashion cupboard!

So far it's definitely my favourite room in the house (of course it is! duh!). But not just because it’s full of clothes and shoes. We really wanted to use the space wisely – somewhere that could accommodate a sofa-bed for friends and family, house all my clothes and accessories (no mean feat!), and also be a lovely creative hub where me and my hubby can work, or I can just hang out with girlfriends before a big night out... I think it’s been a total success. And from now on, it’s where I’ll be writing my blog every day (unless I’m running around town like a crazy person, on a shoot or drowning in bags doing returns!)

My hubby - who I hate to say it, is a genius (yes, even after eight years, he still has his moments!) - found this amazing do-it-yourself storage system from Ikea. It’s called Stolmen
And the very next day after we moved in, we went out to buy it. Basically, you buy every single component individually – down to the last shelf bracket. Which means planning is absolutely essential. 
Top tip: make sure you make a rock solid plan of your room layout beforehand, so you know EXACTLY what you need. If in doubt: borrow a boyfriend or whoever. Just make sure they know their inches from their centimetres! I don’t! I just know how many hangers I’ll need – enough to sink the Titanic! :-))

Anyways, true to Ikea form it all comes in flat pack. Against all odds we managed to fit the whole lot into our tiny car - picture here... Seriously it cannot be easier!

And this I swear: girls (or guys) you will never, ever look back.

It’s still very much a work-in-process. Every day I'm changing everything and deciding what goes where. But so far - this is the result... I have three separate hanging rails, a couple of drawers, shoe racks, a computer desk, and plenty of space for storage boxes (which means I haven’t thrown away half the junk I should... I can’t! I still get tears in my eyes every time I read a ten year old birthday card!). But you can design it however you want and whatever your needs are.

So do you like it? Do you love it? Too much? Let me know all your thoughts!

Lots of fashionable love, M xxx



  1. so pretty! I want a space like that since I have too many clothes to handle!

    1. Thanks Jackie, seriously this was the best solution ever!- I don't know why I never did it before... If you can- def try it yourself! Good luck ♥

  2. Hi! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award :) Check it out on my blog ~

    Yaz xx

    1. Hey Yaz,

      Thanks so much for nominating me and my blog ♥. I'm just reading the rules- and will get on it asap.


  3. Mira I love it!!

    I need one, but I still don't think all of my clothes would fit in it!

  4. Jade....I know this one it's a tricky one- cos I STILL have more clothes than here :-(( But, the good thing is- you will go through everything what you don't need and you have to keep it tidy cos it's on display - the rest- storage, attic (like winter coats or big items etc)... You will never look back xxx