Monday, April 16, 2012

a seven day snapshot #1

Hi everyone!

I've finally got the internet back!! Which means lots of lovely posts for you all!
First of all, I've had a great new idea. Every Sunday there will be (fingers crossed) a new post: my week in pictures. I'm totally obsessed with Instagram (aren't we all? btw- my Instagram name: mirahearts

So I thought it would be a fab idea to post what happened in my week in a series of cut-out-and-keep snapshots. Obviously today isn't Sunday - it's Monday. And my 'week' is a bit longer than seven days, as I started taking pics about two weeks ago before the house move.

So a small treat for you - pics from the last fortnight instead! Consider it a 2-for-1!


♥ is it? ♥ Boca Di Lupo ♥ my hubby's bday 

♥ sunny day ♥ quick pose ♥ rainy day 

♥ denial before the move ♥ easter treats ♥ Titanic 3D 

♥ our life in boxes ♥ easter sunday ♥ new home 

♥ welcome home ♥ drawsomething obsession ♥ housewarming gift 

♥ our future bed ♥ the whole of ikea in a car ♥ my own fashion cupboard 

♥ early shoot ♥ lots of coffee ♥ beautiful day 

♥ inspiration for our bedroom ♥ filming Le Miserable in Greenwich launch 

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