Wednesday, April 18, 2012

People! I am
There’s a fab new website in town (well, online)... Get your purses ready for

With around 10 million  (yes, that’s right - 10 million) hits per month, is THE number one online fashion retailer in the Nordic region. Everyone who’s anyone knows the Scandinavians do ‘cool’ better than most – and I’m not just talking about the climate.
So step aside Ikea – there’s a new Viking invasion on the way, and this one is REALLY well dressed.

The website is home to over 800 external brands and more than 30 inhouse labels, with hundreds of new pieces arriving daily.

I went to the UK press launch last week and I have to say all the merchandise was fabulous with a capital ‘F’! The quality was superb.
I’m sure we’ve all ordered something off a website and when it arrives in the post minus the wafer thin model and swanky location it looks... well, a bit rubbish. There’s no danger of that happening here. Better still, it’s all really affordable!

Without doubt, my favourite items were the spiky flat shoes. I CANNOT wait to pimp up my summer time outfits with these prickly pair of pumps. Perfect!

I've also selected a few other items which I love – see below. And no, I haven’t mistyped the prices! 

So get out the rain, grab yourself a mug of loganberry tea and check out the hottest thing to come out of Scandinavia since Sarah Lund’s woolly jumper...

floral dress £41.95
transparent shirt £33.95
sleeveless shirt £49.95
knit sweater £20.95
swimsuit £79.95
net skirt £39.95
neon sandal heel £34.95
pointed toe heel £41.95



  1. Wow this looks really good. Gonna have to check Nelly out.
    Love those pumps <3 they are beautiful.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by- the website is great and the pumps are just super cool! Glad you like them too.
      Officially you are my very first comment yay! :-) Any tips hugely welcome. Many thanks!

      M xxx

  2. I was at the same launch! And loved those same shoes! And lot of other stuff.. Have been ordering already.. Adela xx

    1. Hi Adela,

      I just saw your comment as it went to spam (?). I know the shoes are fab! Have you order already- I'll this week yay! Hopefully see you at the next launch, M xxx