Saturday, April 28, 2012

Black Milk Clothing

Hello girlies,

It's the weekend! Yay. What's everyone doing? I'll be eating lots of burgers as I've been invited for a preview of 'Meat Market' (the people behind 'Meat Liquor'- the best burgers in all of London town!). Now they're opening a new place in Covent Garden. I'm expecting the best!

But before the beef onslaught, I thought I'd share this with you: it's the incredible Australian label, Black Milk Clothing- known for their famous leggings which take famous prints of paintings, cosmic maps and other cultural references as their inspiration. Yes, you've def seen them already.

I sort of knew about them, cos of Jessie J is a big fan... but I've only now got round to having a good root round their website.
What I was thinking? Why did I wait? I must be crazy!
They are hands down my new favourite fashion thing of all... I literally want every single piece. Except, perhaps, the muscle leggings...I'll leave the muscle to the burgers...

And because they retail exclusively online only, they've come up with a really clever way of engaging their customers which is super fun.
When you buy a piece from them, you can instagram a pic of yourself wearing it, add the right hashtag# and it comes up on the website on the item's individual page... Amazing?!?

Not only is it interactive and fun, but it's also a great way to see the actual piece on a real human being. Not just a stick thin model. Check it out. It's just fab!

I'll def be ordering this cosmic print swimsuit and the Cathedral dress. What about you? 

M xx

P.S. The girl from the first picture (also the main website image) it's a new internet sensation- Juliett Kuczynska (Polish of course ;-). This girl is insane, her style is insane (her here), her blog is insane check it out here- def my new girl crush.

print leggings from £48- £60
swimsuits around £57
dresses around £63

these unfortunately are gone forever (check it out their 'museum' page here)


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    1. Hi Lucy,

      Thanks for your comment. Your blog is super cute. Love your makeup storage :-)) Stay in touch lovely xx