Sunday, April 29, 2012

a seven day snapshot #3

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I've got a super hectic week ahead (work, a trip to Liverpool, more work) plus I'm going to LA in a few days (eeeek!). I cannot wait! 
I'd better start packing and preparing and making sure I have a bag big enough for all my smellies and shoes ... but before I do that, here's my last week in pictures. 

Lots of warm love M xxx

♥ my beauty shoot ♥ makeup girls in action ♥ the effect 

♥ Ted Baker ♥ Nike 

♥ chess game in a pub ♥ sweet treat ♥ still raining in London 

♥ morning coffee ♥ Yes - I'm a monkey ♥ this was NOT my breakfast 

♥ in-laws finally here ♥ 1st burger of the weekend ♥ hubby is packing 

♥ Hubby is in the air ♥ Lenin isn't missing his daddy (sorry babe!) ♥ trying to entertain myself 

♥ I prefer the original ♥ more amazing biscuits by Kate ♥ I want one in my dining room! 

♥ 2nd burger of the weekend ♥ good times with NOW ♥ Gypsy Moth in Greenwich 

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Black Milk Clothing

Hello girlies,

It's the weekend! Yay. What's everyone doing? I'll be eating lots of burgers as I've been invited for a preview of 'Meat Market' (the people behind 'Meat Liquor'- the best burgers in all of London town!). Now they're opening a new place in Covent Garden. I'm expecting the best!

But before the beef onslaught, I thought I'd share this with you: it's the incredible Australian label, Black Milk Clothing- known for their famous leggings which take famous prints of paintings, cosmic maps and other cultural references as their inspiration. Yes, you've def seen them already.

I sort of knew about them, cos of Jessie J is a big fan... but I've only now got round to having a good root round their website.
What I was thinking? Why did I wait? I must be crazy!
They are hands down my new favourite fashion thing of all... I literally want every single piece. Except, perhaps, the muscle leggings...I'll leave the muscle to the burgers...

And because they retail exclusively online only, they've come up with a really clever way of engaging their customers which is super fun.
When you buy a piece from them, you can instagram a pic of yourself wearing it, add the right hashtag# and it comes up on the website on the item's individual page... Amazing?!?

Not only is it interactive and fun, but it's also a great way to see the actual piece on a real human being. Not just a stick thin model. Check it out. It's just fab!

I'll def be ordering this cosmic print swimsuit and the Cathedral dress. What about you? 

M xx

P.S. The girl from the first picture (also the main website image) it's a new internet sensation- Juliett Kuczynska (Polish of course ;-). This girl is insane, her style is insane (her here), her blog is insane check it out here- def my new girl crush.

print leggings from £48- £60
swimsuits around £57
dresses around £63

these unfortunately are gone forever (check it out their 'museum' page here)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

India and my Bollywood experience

Hi lovelies,

This has to be the wettest drought ever! And the relentless wind and rain has made me a little melancholic...

Not only does the idea of sitting in my garden with a Pimms and lemonade seem difficult to imagine (even the thought of simply leaving the house without an umbrella feels like a distant dream!), but it seems like everyone is in a bit of a fug at the moment, or just tired, or on standby waiting for a glimpse of summer...Obviously this is totally understandable. SAD lamps always were a poor substitute for the real thing, and I'm sure we're just waiting for the sun to pop his s/s 2012 hat on and make a welcome return to our skies.

I've already had a couple of duvet days- staying in with a cuppa and watching Gossip Girl, or planning for the future and listening to the occasional sad song (eek!)...and I must admit, it's been hard not to reminisce about all those places far far away, where the weather is better. I've travelled quite a bit over the last few years, and I've been incredibly honoured and lucky to visit all the places I have.

One place in particular has a special place in my heart - India. As some of you know, I lived there on-and-off for six months, dancing professionally in Bollywood movies. I thought I'd take a moment to share some of my fabulous memories with you... a small something to while away the hours as we dream about the sun together!

Lots of sunny love, M xxx

(P.S. I've got millions of pictures I love. I've tried to be selective - but still, so many to choose from!)

I miss all the crazy costumes :-)...


and all the crazy sets...

some Bollywood stars I've worked with...

some of the videos..

a bit of a behind the scenes...

(that's where I burned hair on my body cos of the flames lol)

but most of all - I miss 'my' India!