Friday, June 15, 2012

location, location, location

Hello lovelies,

I had a busy week this week assisting on various shoots for Now Magazine - starting with a studio shoot in London, then off to Kent for a bit of retro glamour, finishing on the beach in Rye where sun was shining to give us the perfect Miami feel.

I'm in the process of researching more locations today, and thought I'd do a quick post of some of the coolest locations I've seen these past few years.

Oh the memories!
Every single picture brings them flooding back. Apart from the hard work crafting the perfect picture, it's been great to meet all the creative people I've had the opportunity of working with.

Choosing the right location is so important, perhaps THE most important choice you can make. It's the foundation for the final product.

 I hope there are many more to come! What's your favourite, I wonder?

Have a lovely evening everyone... and come on England!


behind the scenes of the 'Fruit Print' story, Now Magazine 2012

beautiful location in Rye in East Sussex, England

fab diner Kent, England

behind the scenes of the 'Paint Effect' story, Now Magazine 2012 

Malmaison Hotel, Liverpool- the hotel room is ready...
'The Morning After' Hollyoaks, Christmas Special, Now Magazine Photography: Richard Grassie

behind the scenes of the 'English Tea Party' shoot Fabulous Magazine 2011


  1. Oh thanks! It's not always so glamorous but it can be so much fun xx