Thursday, July 19, 2012

a seven day snapshot #6

Hello gorgeous people! 

The sun is out..!  
Hence, I woke up really early this morning to catch up on everything. First of all my last few weeks in pics - a bit longer than usual today. I had quite a few shoots, a bit of travelling, Euro fun in Polska and my rehearsals have started. I had a beautiful time with my mommy and daddy and enjoyed some proper summer. 

How was your last few weeks? 

Lots of sunny love xxx 

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♥ holiday wardrobe shoot ♥  inside - because of the rain of course :-( ♥ bright lips 

prom princess shoot and fab location no1 ♥ yes, we had burgers for lunch ♥ amazing Asos cropped tops 

an amazing location no2 ♥ the only sunny day this summer so far ♥ NOW maxis story - out this week 

♥ er, good morning ♥ hubby is feeling broody ♥ my little nephew ready for Euro 2012 

Kandee neon shoes! ♥ Misha B for Teen Now ♥ loving the accessories 

♥ come on Polska! ♥ Baltic fun and Polish flag coloured vodka shots ♥ actually- I prefer to watch Euro in PL 

♥ well, hello summer ♥ Katowice city ♥ Mom's cooking is always the best 

♥ auntie's duties ♥ Daisy ♥ my beautiful park 

♥ mommy ♥ daddy ♥ the best Placki place in K-wice 

♥ fun in town ♥ wow ♥ bye bye Poland 

♥ and I'm coming back to this (!?!) ♥ thanks to hubby, flowers are still here let the rehearsals begin! 


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    1. Hey- thanks for your comment. Im gonna have a look at your blog now :-) Great!