Sunday, May 20, 2012

a seven day snapshot #4

I haven't done a seven day snapshot for a while. Soz. Today it's all change...! Here's a quick summary of the last couple of weeks. There was a lot of food, cocktails and amazing shoes.

Have a wonderful week everyone! It's going to be sunny (apparently)!


 pancakes for breakfast ♥ Converse in Santa Monica  hubby contemplates his next move 

 Universal Studios ♥ A-list healthy burger  LA Clippers playoff 

 my fav hot tub ♥ Beverly Hills bounce  Yes, it's Bon Jovi over hubby's shoulder 

 the hills ♥ The London Hotel's amazing view at night  my last day :-( 

 welcome back to London ♥ work begins  STILL raining in London! 

 New Look AW12 press day ♥ my favourite item  La Boheme Live in Trafalgar Square 

 Jeffrey Campbell in the office! ♥ cosmopolitan in the office!  new neon shoes 

 Saturday food shopping ♥ which one are you?  River Cafe's basil & tomato aubergine 

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